We would love to be able to conduct your wedding at Trinity Methodist Church.

Congratulations on your engagement, and we hope to be able to provide you with a wonderful marriage ceremony. A wedding in a church allows you to make your commitment to each other that little bit more special, by making your commitment and promises before God. Trinity Methodist Church is registered for the solemisation of opposite and same sex marriages.

Weddings at a Methodist Church are conducted by schedules. It is the responsibility of the couple to visit the Registry Office and apply for the schedule.

You must both attend for a legal interview, by appointment, at the Registrar’s Office where you will be interviewed separately. You will need to bring certain documents and pay for this service which, if successful, will result in your schedule of marriage being displayed at the Registrar’s Office for three weeks (in case there is a legal objection). The cost of schedules is £35 each and are valid for one year.   

After three weeks you will be issued with a  ‘Blue Forms’ (wedding authorities). It is the couple’s responsibility to make the legal interview appointment and to inform the Minister when they have received the ‘Blue Forms’—until then their Church booking is merely provisional.

Once the certificates have been received (Blue Forms), the Bride and Groom should check that the information on them is correct, and then contact the Minister. The certificates will then be held in the church safe until the day of the wedding. If these Blue Forms are lost or destroyed you have to begin the whole process again! (The certificates are returned to the General Registry Office with a copy of the Marriage Returns, after the full Marriage Certificate has been completed and signed. (The Signing of the Registers).

Arrangement of a wedding normally involves 4 meetings with the Minister, with the final one being the wedding rehearsal.

There is a cost for weddings at the church, with some options:-

Church Fee £80
Organist £75 (optional)
Stewards x 2 (£40 each) £80
Service Sheets on paper £25 (Optional)
Minister (Includes the 4 visits) £228

The Minister will discuss with you the content of the service, and there are various choices of set words to say. (There are certain legal words that have to be said).

Music is a very personal choice, but the minister and organist will help you make that choice. The church has the facility to play pre-recorded music. Sound amplification for soloists can also be provided.

We do not insist on you attending the church, either before or after your wedding, but you will be most welcome. You may choose to visit the church for one of our services before your wedding so you can see what it is like, and hear the acoustics of the music and the ambience of worship.

If you would like to video or sound record your marriage service, a separate form will need to be signed.


There are a wide range of hymns and Christian songs that are available for weddings. We have a range of books to choose from, and can either print out words on a song sheet or project the words on our screen.

Popular Hymn choices are shown on this website:-

Processional and Recessional Music

Our organist will be pleased to offer advice on the wide variety of wedding music available, from the traditional to something different for the bride to enter, and for your triumphant exit as husband & wife. Alternatively suitable music can be played via CD or iPod.

Popular suggestions for music can be found on:-

Co-creating a Service

Your Minister will be happy to work with you to co-create a service for your special day. We want everyone to get the most out of the service, as it is one of the most important days of your life.

Have a think about what you may want to include in the service. Apart from hymns/songs, bible readings and prayers, we can also include music, poems, solos…..

You will need to think about whether both of you will have rings, or just the bride.

Bible Readings

There needs to be at least one bible reading in the service.  

Frequently asked Questions

  1. How many people does the church hold? – We can seat 150 people.
  2. How long is the service? – between 40 minutes and an hour, depending on what you want in the service.
  3. What about children? – Children are very welcome

Contact the Minister on 0151 355 5379 to discuss your wedding at Trinity Methodist Church



We would be thrilled to conduct your child's christening/baptism. Please contact the church for more information. The service will take place either during the mornjgn worship at 10.30 or early afternoon. 

There is no charge for this service though an offering will be taken and donations are welcome. 



The ending of a life can be a very sad, troubling and moving time, and we, as a church, would wish to help you in your grieving. We can do this in a range of ways, just through a visit from our minister, or by helping you arrange a funeral or memorial service.

Home Visits

After a bereavement we can come and visit and spend some time listening and sharing with you as you try to come to terms with what has happened. As Christians, we believe that there is a hope of eternal life, and that our saviour Jesus Christ has gone on ahead of us to "prepare a room for us in our Father's house" (John 14). We can come and simply listen, or we can offer prayers. Our intent is just to show the love of God in this difficult time. The gospels also remind us that when Jesus was told that one of his friends had died, he wept with the family. Jesus also said "Blessed are those who mourn; they shall be comforted."


After you have spoken to your chosen funeral director, we can help put together a funeral service. We will work together with you to create a funeral fitting for your loved one. A funeral service can act as a moment of healing, as we remember and say goodbye to a loved one when we commend them to God.

At a funeral service, we give thanks for the life of the person that has died. We spend some time in thinking and remembering their life. We take comfort and strength from words of scriptures, and we pray for those who are left behind. During the service, it is also an opportunity to sing their favourite hymns, or hear their favourite pieces of music or poems.

As a funeral service at the Crematorium is time limited, some families prefer to have a service in the local church first, followed by the committal at the Crematorium. Alternatively, it is possible to have a committal at a Crematorium, followed by a Thanksgiving or Memorial Service at the church on the same day or on a later date.

We can also conduct a short service at the Crematorium.

Fees are shown below and these will be incorporated into the funeral directors fees as dispersments. 

Church Fee £80
Organist £75 (optional)
Stewards x 2 (£40 each) £80
Minister  £228

For a burial, we can also conduct a service at the church followed by the committal at the graveside.

Internment or Spreading of Ashes

At a later date, when the family are ready, we can also assist in a short service of internment of ashes, or for the spreading of ashes.

Bereavement Support

As a follow up to a funeral, we can again offer to visit the bereaved to listen and talk through the process of grief.

In November we host a remembrance service to reflect on loved ones. to light a candle for a lost loved one. All are very welcome to attend this service.

Please contact the minister if we can help you in any way during your time of bereavement.