Wednesday Welcome


Every Wednesday lunch time Trinity hosts the "Wednesday Welcome" whereby free tea/ coffee and cakes are given out. This project has been running for a number of months and sees a regular number of around 200 people coming through the doors of Trinity. People are given a welcome, food and are able to chat with others around tables. Many agencies in Ellesmere Port now use the sessions to meet others and encourage individuals who are in need of social contact with others.
A local Health and Wellbeing co-ordinator working with the NHS recently emailed and said,
"Trinity coffee and cake mornings have really helped support many of my patients who are welcomed into the morning every week. Some of my patients only manage to get out to these mornings and this is there only social connection, sometimes their only connection to the outside world at all. It has been integral to some of my patients recoveries and been a great encouragement. Having the option of a free coffee and cake slice gives someone a lovely treat and others, at times, the only bit of food they may eat that day. A fantastic way for everyone to come together with no 'criterias' which is rare, there is no end game in sight or pressure on people other than to come together in the community which is magical."