Port Grocery

The Port Grocery

The Port Grocery is a Community Food Club based at Trinity. This initiative seeks to address two key issues of "food waste" and "food poverty". The Port Grocery is open for anyone in the community to join and there is no eligibility criteria and anyone can benefit from the high quality, low cost food it will provide. It was agreed from an early stage that the project did not want to create a "stigma" for people using the grocery so it would not be a means tested programme, but open to all regardless of their income. The project also needs the financial stability of regular payments from individuals who can help to subsidise those in need.
In practical terms, people pay £5 a week and receive around £16 - 20 worth of food which consists of a range of frozen/ fresh meat, dried and canned food, plus fresh fruit and vegetables, along with other items.

For further details contact: 01513568200